Sabotaje a un corazón/Hambrientos de pasión (Spanish Edition)

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As a pastor, scholar, publisher, mentor, and trusted friend, Stan has played diverse roles and worn numerous hats in his professional tenure. Dunkerque Apologetics at the Cross: Audio Lectures Balanced in approach and focused not on arguments but on cultural contexts, the attitude of the apologist, and sound answer to difficult questions, Joshua D. Allen's Apologetics at the Cross: Audio Lectures provides a thorough and accessible introduction to the renewed Christian discipline of apologetics.

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But it helps to have a map! This newest addition to the Blockheads series guides readers through basic Christian beliefs. Both Christians and curious non-Christians looking for clear and reliable explanations of the Christian faith will find them here. Esta es una poderosa novela sobre la amistad cuyo escenario es un circo ambulante durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, en la cual se nos presenta a dos mujeres extraordinarias y sus desgarradoras historias de sacrificio y supervivencia.

Revelation: Audio Lectures Revelation: Audio Lectures, coordinated for use alongside scholar Craig Keener's NIV Application Commentary on Revelation, helps learners grasp how the message of Revelation can have the same powerful impact today that it did when it was first written.

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This vital set of lessons taught by author Mark Strauss focuses on historical contexts of the Bible and explains differences between Old Testament narratives, the Epistles, Gospels, Parables, Psalms, and more. Know the Creeds and Councils: Audio Lectures In the Know the Creeds and Councils: Audio Lectures, Justin Holcomb introduces viewers to the church's most important statements of faith over the centuries and explains why those statements still matter today.

The Fall of Lucifer Against a backdrop of heavenly gardens, royal palaces, and the hellish battlefields, this is a saga of faith, jealousy and betrayal. These are the roots of a war fought for the greatest prize in the universe — the race of men. This is the first book in the series. Words to Love By Words to Love By, written by 1 New York Times bestselling author Rick Warren and illustrated by Ag Jatkowska, takes a whimsical and heartfelt look at language and how children can use words to encourage, forgive, express gratitude, heal, and love.

Justification: Two-Volume Set In this two-volume work, Michael Horton seeks to encounter anew the remarkable biblical doctrine of justification. Volume 1 is an exercise in historical theology, exploring the doctrine from the patristic era to the Reformation. Volume 2 then moves on to investigate justification in conversation with contemporary biblical scholarship. This retelling of the story of Creation is perfect for young readers. La naturaleza de la doctrina Guardrails Study Guide, Updated Edition In this in this five-session small group Bible study, Andy Stanley challenges us to stop flirting with disaster and establish personal guardrails.

Know the Creeds and Councils Video Study In the Know the Creeds and Councils Video Study, Justin Holcomb introduces viewers to the church's most important statements of faith over the centuries and explains why those statements still matter today. A Pale Horse Containing a helpful center-column reference system while measuring less than an inch thick, it is the perfect resource to carry with you. In Unexpected, Christine Caine helps women step into their God-given calling by anticpating, welcoming, and even embracing the unexpected.

Draw the Circle Study Guide In this five-session video study, bestselling author Mark Batterson challenges you to pray boldly, faithfully, and persistently for forty daysand watch God bring the miraculous results. As Christianity dramatically shifts to the global South and East, its universal truths face new questions and are expressed in new ways.

La Reforma y el cristianismo en el siglo XXI Bestselling authors Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg draw on the principles in The Case for Christ to provide a training course for believers that equips them with practical tools to share their faith. Liking Jesus Study Guide New York Times bestselling author Craig Groeschel helps Christ-followers cut through our selfie-centered world and rediscover the biblical valuessuch as authenticity, compassion, contentment, rest, and morethat bring us closer to Jesus. Labor federations with anarchist banners are marching in the streets.

New chief of the federal reserve central bank is appointed. Duhalde says he is sitting on "a ticking bomb". Anarchists have more advice. People are still marching in the streets. Protest with reason! Protesters call it looting of their future. Later the police in Buenos Aires fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters in the streets. The anarchists put up a plan for economical recovery. The bank plutarchs will sabotage supreme court's decisions about normal bank-services.

This is harming the economy. The anarchists analyse what went wrong with the economy, and thus why anarchist economics, included demand managent are necessary, and they give further advice. More demonstrations against Duhalde. Cut the mercantilistic as well as monetaristic crap "plans", and prepare for anarchist economics! G7 meeting with discussion about Argentina. The people fear inflation! Report and summary - December - January from F. Anarchist criticism of the Argentinian Trotskyite type "wannabe libertarian" party, i.

Updated figures and new scenarios of anarchist economics. Duhalde continues on the wrong track. Protest marches! More about the floating peso. Comment from AIE. Anarchist comment on Guillermo Perry's note on Argentina. Hundreds of Argentines angry over a freeze of their bank deposits smashed banks' windows with hammers and rolling pins. The anarchists are warning Duhalde. Unemployed are marching in the streets. Anarchists are warning about marxist-lubbeism , and call for anarchist demand management to hike employment. More news and comments.

Wage hike.

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Galtieri arrested. Peso down. US aid. Banks open. Worse in Argentina. Unemployment hike. Junta history. Call for solidarity. Default on payment of debt to World Bank. As of , there were roughly worker-owned businesses in Argentina, most of which were started in response to this crisis. It is also more capitalist than the USA, with a ginindex at Argentina is located in the conservative sector, a little to the left, and a bit downwards, of USA, in the quadrant of liberalism on the economical-political map. The coordinates of the economic-political system in Argentina are long term average structural estimates.

The anarchists support the direct actions of the farmers! The anarchists suspect a marxist leftwing extremist ochlarch. There are now more than worker-recovered businesses in Argentina. There are pressure and demonstrations for more cooperatives. Argentina's Central Bank president resigns. Last Argentine dictator jailed for 25 years. Argentina: Greek financial rescue doomed to fail.

Argentines mourn dead former president Nestor Kirchner who steered the country out of crisis via advice of anarchist economics, by the libertarians. Problems in F. Anti-corruption protests. Argentina has defaulted on its debt. And more Argentina - President Fernando de la Rua has resigned II.

Ochlarchy and looting III. Cut bureaucracy costs IV. Argentina is not a potential nightmare V. State of emergency lifted VI. Economic challenge VII. Emergency reimposed IX. Rodriguez Saa - an anarchist criticism XI. It could have been heaven, but a greedy plutarchist bureaucracy made it hell. Rodriguez Saa is still far out and very authoritarian, the anarchists have some more advice XV.

Economic chaos and protests XVI. Show of anger XVII. Interim government have offered to resign. Cash curbs and populist chaos economics are no solution XIX. New riots and new president XXI. From the populist left. Expected devaluation XXII. Uncertainty ahead and conflicting interests XXIV.

Worried savers and 'home-made crisis' XXV. New m ass protests.

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Reducing foreign trade deficit - more ochlarchy XXIX. Middle class and unemployed demonstrate. Anarchists put up an economical recovery plan. The anarchists are giving more advice according to the plan. More protests.

G7 meeting. Inflation hike? Protest marches. More comments. Brown Card to La Prensa. More riots. Unemployed marching. No to marxist-lubbeism. Discussions at the parliament, economical data, more protets and more anarchist comments XXXV. The development Argentina's place on the economical-political map. Facts about the country.

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  • President Fernando de la Rua has resigned. He introduces a minimum wage to counter the effects of inflation. Irigoyen is elected again in Civilian rule is restored in Argentina proclaims its neutrality. It is known to favour Japan and Germany. One of its leading figures is Colonel Juan Peron. He had promised workers higher wages and social security.

    His wife, Eva Peron 'Evita' , is put in charge of labour relations. Congress - dominated by Peron's supporters - passes legislation providing jail terms for anyone showing disrespect for the government. Regime opponents are subsequently imprisoned, independent newspapers are suppressed.

    Peron's support begins to decline. Peron resigns and takes refuge on a Paraguayan gunboat.

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    He subsequently goes into exile in Paraguay, and later in Spain. The federal constitution of , based on that of the United States, is restored. Hector Campora is inaug urated president. Argentina is wracked by terrorist violence. Peron returns to Buenos Aires in June. Campora resigns and Peron becomes president in September. His third wife, Maria, succeeds him. Terrorism from right and left escalates, leaving hundreds dead. There are strikes, demonstrations and high inflation. Parliament is dissolved. Opponents of the regime are rounded up in the 'Dirty War', which is to see thousands of people 'disappear', i.

    The United Kingdom dispatches a force to re-take the islands, which it does in June. More than Argentines are killed in the fighting. Galtieri is replaced by General Reynaldo Bignone. Raul Alfonsin becomes president. Argentina begins to investigate the 'Dirty War' and charge former military leaders with human rights abuses. He imposes an economic austerity programme. A bomb is placed in the Israeli embassy, 29 people are killed. Economic hardship leads to a general strike in September.

    Argentine amnesty laws protect the accused. Recession starts. Beef exports slump after an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. Soya exports suffer from concerns over the use of genetically modified varieties. An IMF bail-out package of nearly 40 billion dollars was agreed in December But planned austerity measures - tax rises and cuts in social welfare programmes - led to a political crisis later on.

    Castro made the remarks in an apparent reference to Argentina's support for US condemnation of Cuba's record on human rights. Argentina and the United Kingdom agree that Argentine private aircraft and vessels may now visit the Falkland Islands again. A court throws out all arms trafficking charges against Menem, freeing him after five months of house arrest. Country's credit ratings slip. Share prices reach record lows. Corruption in the judiciary, police and civil service still remains to be tackled. The legacy of military rule from is still an open wound. The fate of many of the thousands of 'disappeared' - opponents of the junta - is still unclear.

    And investigations are under way into what happened to the babies of women detained by the regime. A country of diverse terrain, Argentina is nearly 4, km long from the subtropical north to the subantarctic south. It encompasses part of the Andes mountain range, swamps, the large plains of the Pampas, and a lengthy coastline.

    Argentina is rich in resources and has a well-educated workforce. Argentines gave the world the tango. They are mad about soccer, and are reckoned to be the best polo players. Their love of horses is best personified by the figure of the Argentine 'gaucho', the solitary, independent ranch-hand, who has become known throughout the world. Argentine President Fernando de la Rua has resigned amid some of the worst unrest in his country for a decade, Argentine Government officials say.

    Mr de la Rua submitted his resignation on Thursday after a day of running battles in the capital Buenos Aires between police and protesters. Rioters set fire to the finance ministry and two major banks as police tried to control the crowds with volleys of tear gas. He was expected to announce his plans in an address to the nation Thursday evening, his third speech in 24 hours.

    Hundreds of angry Argentines demonstrated outside the presidential palace, demanding the president's resignation and rejecting his call for an end to the violence. Riot police fired volley after volley of tear gas and used water cannons to beat back the protesters. Across the city, rioters smashed in store windows and ransacked buildings.

    Fires were set on street corner after street corner, in trash bins and at bus stops. At least six people were killed and dozens wounded as rioters looted stores and set fires. Earlier, at an afternoon news conference, the president defended his economic policy.

    He also called for the cooperation of the opposition party to form a multi-party cabinet to pull Argentina through "these difficult situations. This violence in the streets cannot continue. Danger is increasing. Down with the populist fascism, say the anarchists. D e la Rua had said through a spokesman that he would quit if the Peronists declined to form the coalition. On Thursday, the protesters rallied outside De la Rua's presidential palace, where riot police on horseback repeatedly pushed them back with batons, water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets.

    Hundreds more have been arrested. The protesters also called for the resignation of Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo, who tendered his resignation early Thursday. De la Rua accepted the resignation, and began a search for a replacement. De la Rua, trying to quell the violence, declared a state of siege, a day declaration that suspends constitutional rights and gives the government wide-ranging power to quell the violence.

    Rioters, who ransacked and set fire to grocery stores and other shops around the capital on Wednesday, said they are hungry and complained the government has not helped them. These actions , looting included, have of course nothing to do with anarchism or anarchy! On Thursday, the protesters waited impatiently for the food's distribution. Looting turned to protest late in the day as tens of thousands of people beat pots and pans, clapped, waved flags and took to their cars, honking horns to protest what they see as an insufficient reaction to the problems they are facing.

    Firefighters rushed to extinguish fires set off around the Presidential Palace by incendiary devices. The largest labor federation of Argentina called for a general strike. The embattled Cavallo, author of the austerity measures put in place this summer, stepped into the Economy Minister's seat last March after two De la Rua-appointed ministers stepped down in succession. Hailed for stopping hyperinflation during a stint in the same post under President Carlos Menem, Cavallo faced opposition for his reform measures this time from members of Menem's Peronist party.

    And in a further sign of Cavallo's troubles, a judge investigating allegations of arms tracking to Croatia during Menem's tenure ordered him not to leave the country while he, too, is investigated. De la Rua planned to meet with Argentina's governors on Thursday in search of an agreement that would guarantee his ability to govern.

    Observers speculated that he would bow to opposition calls for a multi-party cabinet to save his post.

    The current cabinet was in emergency session as the protests rumbled throughout the city. Stumbling under a four-year recession, the Argentine government implemented stark austerity measures over the summer. Economists say that without international help, there's little hope the South American nation can avoid history's worst debt default from a sovereign nation. Earlier in the week, people were swarming banks in an effort to withdraw their savings. President de la Rua had earlier called for the formation of a national unity government, saying he planned to stay in power to help Argentina through the crisis.

    Public fury worsened after the president called a state of emergency - giving the police special powers - in a bid to stem widespread rioting and looting, in which at least 20 people have died. All the members of President de la Rua's cabinet have already handed in their resignations, although so far the Argentine leader has only accepted that of the Economy Minister, Domingo Cavallo.

    The task has been made more difficult by political unrest and the resignation of six economic advisers this year. In any event, most observers think Argentina's small size and isolation, among other factors, will likely keep a debt default from causing too much trouble for the rest of the world.

    We're intertwined. We have among other things, powerful economical models that can be used in planning of the new economy! Towards a liberating economy! The struggle is also symbolic. For this reason, both the government and the popular resistance give importance to taking this plot of land which is a symbol of the historically important decisions taken in Argentina.

    For the time being, this plaza square has been cleared of protestors. The last reports from Argentina talk about isolated protests in the areas known as "once", eleven , "obelisco", obelisk , "congreso", Congress and surroundings. In contrast to anarchists, that always are interested in real changes, these demonstrants are mainly interested in symbolic things. Argentina is a land full of resources, it has been ruined by plutarchical, oligarchical bureaucracy broadly defined. It is not a potential nightmare - it is a nightmare.

    However it should not continue to be so for ever. The state of emergency in Argentina has been lifted - just two days after being declared during steet protests that left more than 20 people dead. The decision was made by outgoing president, Fernando de la Rua, as the Argentine Congress prepared to meet to name his temporary successor and try to find a way out of the political and economic crisis engulfing the country.

    Ramon Puerta, the man expected to be named interim president following Mr de la Rua's resignation, has said he will remain in office "only for 48 hours". He said the constitution stipulated that Congress had to decide whether to name an acting president for a longer period, or call elections. Mr Puerta, who is first in line for power because he is president of the Senate, said provincial governors from his Peronist party were in favour of early elections.

    But with the country facing economic and political turmoil, correspondents say the next president's job could be a poisoned chalice. Mr de la Rua made a surprise return to Government House in Buenos Aires on Friday morning, blaming the crisis on the opposition Peronists for refusing his offer to form a government of national unity. His last act as president was to lift the state of emergency he had declared on Wednesday, in the midst of riots and impending economic chaos On Thursday, Mr de la Rua left Government House by helicopter after a day spent watching battles outside between protesters and police.

    It was the worst unrest since Argentina's return to democracy in , with hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets to protest at economic hardship. At least 28 people were killed in the protests. Mr de la Rua's departure drew cheers from protesters and some danced in the streets. Earlier, police tried to restrain the crowds by charging them on horseback and pummelling them with water cannon and volleys of tear gas - often firing directly at protesters.

    More than 2, people were arrested nationwide. In Buenos Aires, one woman's toe was cut off when stamped on by a police horse, others were carried kicking and shouting to police vans. In other large cities, looters ransacked homes and supermarkets. All the members of Mr de la Rua's Cabinet have already handed in their resignations, although he only accepted that of the Economy Minister, Domingo Cavallo. One idea is to end the system tying the Argentine peso to the US dollar.

    The correspondent says the big problem is that many ordinary Argentines have mortgages and other debts in dollars, as do businesses and farms.

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    The Peronists have not yet explained how they would fund the costly conversion of all of the debts into pesos. Protests had been escalating since the government halted pension payments and froze bank accounts in an attempt to deal with the massive debts. A default would in effect cut off any lifeline from the International Monetary Fund and send Argentina spiralling even deeper into economic crisis. Similar unrest marked the last financial crisis in Argentina in , forcing the then president, Raul Alfonsin, to leave office early.

    Argentina has been in a recession for almost four years. The plutarchy in private sector is however a larger problem. The Argentinian Congress will elect an interim president on Saturday. The man named Argentina's interim president - Adolfo Rodriguez Saa - has said he will pursue a strict economic policy to try and deal with the crisis in the country. Mr Rodriguez said he would keep the national currency, the peso, pegged to the dollar - and promised to announce his economic plan after he is confirmed in his post by Congress later on Saturday.

    Mr Rodriguez will serve as president until elections on 3 March. Mr Rodriguez was chosen by the Peronist party, which controls parliament, after the resignation of President Fernando de la Rua, following the violent street protests over the government's handling of the economic crisis, which left more than 28 people dead. Police action is now being investigated. Two judges have barred Mr de la Rua from leaving the country, as an investigation is launched into police conduct in dealing with the disorder.

    Police on horseback charged demonstrators and looters, pummelling them with water cannon and volleys of tear gas - often firing directly at protesters. More than 2, people were, as mentioned, arrested nationwide. Rodriguez; how long can he keep smiling? The announcement of an interim president came as US President George W Bush urged the country's new leader to push through an austerity programme proposed by the International Monetary Fund. Mr Rodriguez said he would impose "a severe austerity plan" and announce an economic programme which would be "very simple, made up of a few clear ideas".

    A default would in effect cut off any lifeline from the International Monetary Fund and send the country spiralling even deeper into economic crisis. Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo has resigned, and Oscar Lamberto appointed in his place - but it is unclear how long Mr Lamberto will remain in office. About fifty-year-old Mr Rodriguez is governor of San Luis province, one of only two in the country that enjoys a budget surplus.

    The BBC's Tom Gibb says the big problem is that many ordinary Argentines have mortgages and other debts in dollars, as do businesses and farms. But they earn money in pesos - so any devaluation would only increase the size of their dollar debts. The Peronists have suggested converting these debts into pesos, but some newsmedia says that this would be massively expensive and no one has explained how it would be funded.

    The peso has been pegged one-to-one to the dollar for the past decade. In his last act in office, President de la Rua lifted the state of emergency imposed on Wednesday after the worst unrest since Argentina's return to democracy in An unofficial spokesman of the Argentinian people said : "If only the name of our president changes and not the course of our economy, then we will have lots more days like 20 December.

    This so called looting was mainly violent secret service ochlarchy, groups going from house to house, doing all sorts of crimes. By Friday evening, however, the country was reported calm. Mr Puerta was appointed to head the government for 48 hours after Mr de la Rua's departure. The public fury had been sparked by government austerity measures aimed at reviving the economy. Under a complicated deal agreed between Peronist party leaders, Mr Rodriguez Saa will remain in office until presidential elections on 3 March next year.

    The anarchist economical law of employment, i. It is a lot of slack in use of the capacity at the moment, so this should be realistic as a first approximation estimate. The right mix of devaluation, public deficit, cut in bureaucracry costs and redistribution of income from the plutarchist bureaucracy to the people, to stimulate demand and get the economical circulation going again at a reasonable level, the Argentinian politicians and organizations broadly defined must analyse and decide quick.

    The anarchists will continue to give comments on the development. Rodriguez a announces a suspension, and this will trigger the biggest debt default in history, and b indicates he will stick to an economic course that will benefit the Argentinian people. Mr Rodriguez Saa has said he will announce "very solid, simple ideas" for the economy once he has been confirmed in office. These are expected to include continuing an austerity programme, selling bonds to raise fresh funds, and providing food aid. Thus, Mr Rodriguez Saa's proposals so far are neither necessary nor sufficient to solve the problems.

    The anarchist criticism will continue. Rodriguez Saa - an anarchist criticism. Saa is known as an authoritarian, populist, municipal, small thinking bureaucrat, basing his policy on primitive instincts, and without any real competence in economical political management of the society seen as a country, all in all, and in international perspective. Furthermore he has not in any way demonstrated perspectives and visions for the future of Argentina, necessary means and ends meeting the demands of the people.

    Some leftist groups demonstrated outside the congress The Peronists must not forget that they also are monitored by the Anarchist International ; Southern and Northern, world wide, we are all united to support the Argentinian people in different ways. Furthermore the international newsmedia, and organizations and politicians all over the world are watching. Thus, the Peronists should know they are not operating in vacum. The international society may wery well take different kinds of actions if the statist and plutarchist ochlarchy and disorder are going to far!

    The Argentinian congress has decided to make mr R. Saa interim president. Later same day Adolfo Rodriguez Saa named new interim president, says Argentina will suspend foreign debt payments. An unofficial spokeswoman of the people said he was a demagog. This seems to be correct.

    One of the problems with R. Saa's concept is the vague term "surplus". An economy as a whole cannot be properly run similar to a private profitseeking firm. Thus, public sector surplus and exportsurplus mercantilism is not a proper aim, especially not in an economy with a lot of unemployment and slack in the use of the production capacity. This is mercantilism , and this kind of system is not considered as a valid way to run the economy.

    It was rejected already by Adam Smith liberalist , Pierre Joseph Proudhon anarchist , Karl Marx statism-socialism and Vilfred Pareto authoritarian, later works adopted by the fascists as their ideology. Thus, mercantilism is an especially authoritarian ultra-fascist bureaucratic ideology, that cannot solve the economical-political problems of Argentina. Although mercantilism in a way is a negation of the present situation, with large foreign trade deficit, etc, it is a wrong, equally authoritarian concept, that as mentioned cannot be used as a proper policy in the present situation in Argentina.

    However, it may certainly take long time for Argentina to reach anything close to the anarchist quadrant on the economical political map, not to mention the anarchist ideal, with selfmanagement and co-operation without coercion on equal footing, minimal rank and income differences, maximal efficiency and fairness, etc. What may very well happen is the quite opposite, i. By the way, the state of emergency must be lifted again as soon as possible, and the secret police ochlarchy stopped.

    The politically prisoned must be released. Americans have called the Anarchy of Norway heaven. This is a bit exaggerated. Thus, it could have been heaven , but a plutarchist bureaucracy made it hell. Now it is getting worse, even more authoritarian, day by day. These smiles may soon be stiffened. More of the old Argentinian policy: Statism without plan and capitalism without markets, in a neo-mercantilist approach, will just make things worse. The path to socialism and freedom, i. Excuses for a military junta must not happen.

    Furthemore, the leftists must not be given opportunity to take over. A new Cuba is not in the interest of libertarians and the people. We are having problems with our e-mail fora data Please spread this information. Coronel Salvadores Buenos Aires - Argentina. Con el correr de las horas, las noticias se extendieron a todo el pais. Es significativo que cinco de estas muertes se produjeron por tiros en la cabeza. A nivel nacional hay veinticinco muertos, heridos y detenidos. Rodriguez Saa is still far out and very authoritarian, the anarchists have some more advice.

    Argentina's economic crisis has become impossible to manage for the country's government, forcing its interim president Adolfo Rodriguez Saa to ask other governments for assistance. Mr Rodriguez Saa on Friday Bush was also talking about a plan of the economy. The anarchists however say the "argentino" local money introduced by R. Saa is not convertible to other currency, and thus is far from compatible with anarchist NAT, "Normal-Arbeids-Times-anvisninger" i.

    Furthermore local, municipal plans, must be coordinated on regional and confederal level. And redistribution of income from the plutarchists in private and public sector must be done fast. Means to reach these aims are taxation of property, expropriation and a land "reform", i. Furthermore, the anarchists remind Argentina that the public sector in fact has no budget restriction, it can make as much money as it wants. However this must be according to the production capacity, and also the mentioned redistribution of income and wealth, must be taken into account, to prevent a large inflation.

    The IMF does not understand much of real economics, they are to much occupied with Milton Friedmans monetarist ideology, which has very little to do with reality in the economy, and thus they are quite incompetent in this case. Thus, the Argentinians should not listen too much to the IMF, but to the anarchists. The Anarchist International world wide has full support for F. The violence subsided for a few days, but returned to the capital on Friday when protestors set light to a train and damaged one of the main railway stations in Buenos Aires.

    Fire fighters arriving at the scene were pelted with stones and rubbish bins. Some analysts say the new populist government is searching for quick solutions to placate a population which has been plunged from a relatively wealthy society into economic chaos. Demonstrators broke into the Congress building in the early hours of Saturday, setting fire to curtains and breaking furniture.

    A bank and a McDonalds restaurant were also ransacked, and one of the main railway stations was attacked. Protesters were angry that the new government has maintained emergency restrictions on withdrawing money from banks. They also complained that some members of the new government had links with previous regimes' corruption. The protests triggered the first resignation from the new government when Carlos Grosso, newly appointed as chief adviser to the cabinet, stepped down.

    Amid occasional violence, two policemen were reported to have been injured after police in riot gear cleared the plaza in front of the government building where protesters had gathered. However the Associated Press news agency reported that teenagers continued to throw stones at police once the crowd dispersed. Protesters are angry at months of recession. People had congregated in the early hours of the morning, bashing saucepans and drums.

    Waving the national flag, they came from all directions to gather in the Plaza de Mayo in the centre of Buenos Aires in front of the government house. Others headed for the nearby congress building waving their shirts in the air on a hot and humid night. The demonstrators, in what appears to be a spontaneous show of anger, said they were demanding an end to corruption. Their anger is directed at the country's economic crisis and the interim Peronist government of President Adolfo Rodriguez Saa, who came to office following the resignation of former president Fernando de la Rua.

    Mr de la Rua resigned after street protests and rioting triggered by economic hardship left at least ca 28 people dead. Mr Rodriguez Saa announced new measures to control the economic crisis including a suspension of foreign debt payments and plans to provide cash to cope with poverty and unemployment. Saa shows further incompetence.

    All the ministers in Argentina's entire week-old interim government have offered to resign following a night of violent protests over the country's financial turmoil. After spending a day in emergency meetings with the cabinet, the caretaker President, Adolfo Rodriguez Saa, said he had not yet decided whether to accept the resignations, the French news agency AFP reported.

    In a statement, he condemned Friday's violence, when tens of thousands took to the streets. Many demonstrators called for the resignation of several members of the new administration they perceived to be corrupt. The BBC reports the mass resignation will give Mr Rodriguez Saa space to manoeuvre, allowing him to choose whether to sack the least popular ministers. Mr Bush urged the Argentine leader to work closely with the International Monetary Fund, IMF, and other financial institutions to develop " a sustainable economic plan ".

    The anarchists say this is a vague concept, with no real scientific value. Furthermore the IMF doctrine of Monetarist, Friedmanist, policy, is bureaucratic, and based on assumptions of a relatively stable circulation velocity of means of payment money , which practically never is valid and especially not in this case.

    If mr R. Saa mainly prints fresh money "argentino", instead of transfers of income etc. This is not recommended by the anarchists! With more meetings planned to thrash out rescue measures for the beleaguered economy, Mr Rodriguez Saa called on the Argentine people to be patient with his administration. The president's top adviser, Carlos Grosso, was singled out in Friday's protests, for alleged corruption during a stint as Mayor of Buenos Aires under former President Carlos Menem. Mr Grosso stepped down earlier in the day. The night's violence flared at the edges of a large, noisy rally in the Plaza de Mayo square.

    Twelve policemen were injured and 33 people were arrested as protesters ransacked shops, banks and a McDonalds restaurant. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators, some of whom set fire to railway carriages and broke into the Congress building, smashing furniture and burning curtains.

    Cash curbs and populist chaos economics are no solution. The new administration eased the policy on Friday, but did not abandon it. Employment minister Oraldo Britos said the banks did not have sufficient funds to ease the current restrictions. With continued fears that the currency will eventually be devalued or that the government will seize money held in banks, many account holders fear they will lose their savings.

    The interim Peronist government has already announced new measures to control the economic crisis. Some analysts say the new populist government has been searching for quick solutions to placate a population which has been plunged from a relatively wealthy society into economic chaos. Lawyer Diego Fumagalli, 45, protesting at the Plaza de Mayo, said the new administration had misread last week's unrest.

    Again, Argentina should listen more to the anarchists, and analysis made with anarchist economics, than listen to R. Saa and IMF. NRK reports 3 young people were killed. Argentine interim President Adolfo Rodriguez Saa is considering whether to accept the resignation of his entire cabinet, in office for less than a week, after renewed protests about the collapsing economy. The ministers' offer came during an emergency session convened after police used tear gas and water canon early on Saturday to disperse thousands of angry protesters in the capital, Buenos Aires.

    Mr Rodriguez Saa, who appealed for calm, has been holding talks with the heads of the country's banks, and with regional governors, while he decides what action to take. He has urged banks to remain open for extended hours on Monday, to enable customers to withdraw salaries and pensions. The interim government was appointed after 27 people died in riots which forced the resignation of former President Fernando de la Rua. Many of the protesters believe that several senior members of the cabinet are responsible for the economic crisis, and are calling for their removal.

    BBC' reports the mass resignation may give Mr Rodriguez Saa space to manoeuvre, allowing him to choose whether to sack the least popular ministers. Some analysts believe the president may replace them with the regional governors. Anarchists say Argentina's authorities have tried quasimoney several times before, lecop and argentino are not new, only bureaucratic noncovertible quasimoney manipulations, similar to "peso argentino", "austral", "moneda nacional" and "ley".

    As mentioned, if a "third money" should be introduced, "hard currency" convertible NAT , i. Argentine interim President Adolfo Rodriguez Saa has resigned. In a dramatic late night televised address, he told the nation he had failed to win the backing of his Peronist party for a way out of the economic crisis. His departure came after renewed protests over the collapsing economy and corruption prompted a mass resignation offer by his cabinet. Power should have passed automatically to Senate Chairman Ramos Puerta, but he too resigned minutes later on grounds of ill-health.

    Mr Rodriguez Saa spent Sunday trying to hold emergency talks with Peronist provincial governors in the resort town of Chapadmalal, but most of them failed to turn up. He then flew back to his home province of San Luis to make his shock announcement. He said his resignation took effect immediately - he had been due to hold office until elections in March. Mr Rodriguez Saa listed his achievements during his short time in office as suspending payments on the country's foreign debt and announcing new austerity measures.

    There are no obvious candidates to replace Mr Rodriguez Saa from his own party. Technically, however, the next-in-line after Mr Puerta is believed to be another Peronist, Eduardo Camano, who heads the lower house of deputies. Mr Camano would hold the post for two days to allow parliament to choose a new interim president, who has three months to call fresh elections. Mr Rodriguez Saa did manage a breakthrough in talks with the country's banks.

    They agreed to remain open for extended hours on Monday, to enable customers to withdraw salaries and pensions. The agreement was "a contribution to civil peace". The streets of the Argentine capital were largely calm on Sunday after riots on Saturday left 12 policemen injured and led to 33 arrests. The demonstrators have railed against the curb on cash withdrawals as well as alleged corruption within Mr Rodriguez Saa's cabinet.

    Many account-holders fear they will lose their savings if the currency is devalued or the government seizes money held in banks. The protesters' accusations of corruption had already forced the resignation of his chief adviser, Carlos Grosso - a former mayor of Buenos Aires. Observers say there is a feeling in the country that it is ruled by an unsinkable political class and this at last has found a voice on the streets.

    There will be no peace between the people and the upper classes! Towards a less authoritarian system in Argentina!.. The parliament will meet The election comes after the resignation of interim President Adolfo Rodriguez Saa after only seven days in office. Mr Rodriguez Saa said he had no support. The successor that is elected is Eduardo Duhalde, a former vice-president and current senator of Buenos Aires province. The violence broke out between supporters of Mr Duhalde's Peronist party and the opposition United Left, Argentine radio said.

    Police used rubber bullets and tear gas to bring the stone-throwing rioters under control. Thousands of police had their leave cancelled ahead of the vote and extra guards were drafted in to protect the government palace and congress buildings, the scenes of violent demonstrations at the weekend. Some 45, police were on standby in and around the capital, with soldiers also helping guard the nearby government palace known as the Casa Rosada. The new frontrunner reportedly enjoys the approval of other congressional parties, which have indicated their agreement that whoever takes over now should remain in office until December - the official end of the term of President Fernando de la Rua, who was forced out by popular protests on 20 December.

    New presidential elections had been scheduled for March, but the MPs say they want the new leader to stay in power for longer, in the hope of bringing some stability back to the country. BBC's reports the election of Mr Duhalde may well meet with hostility from the public at large. They say he may be tainted by his close ties with former president Carlos Menem and other key Peronist Party figures, whom many blame for plunging Argentina into its current economic and social crisis. The anarchists repeat that a broad based council with workers' organizations, etc.

    Anarchists think this a devaluation is necessary. The demonstrations continue, and some rivaling between different factions of protesters may also be mentioned. These rivaling fights have mostly been between leftists and the Menemist's ochlarchical groups , under command of E. There are rumors that these ochlarchists of Duhalde also have used false anarchist flags, to make chaos and provoke.

    A broad based state council is discussed. Mr Duhalde was sworn in at a brief ceremony on Wednesday, before immediately entering into talks on forming a cross-party cabinet which he says will deliver a "programme of national salvation". Perhaps Dualde should listen more to the anarchists, and form a broad based council rather than another corrupt government. Some senior Peronists have turned down posts in the new administration, unhappy that Mr Duhalde lacks the democratic credentials to govern. Mr Duhalde, who failed to win the presidency two years ago, was voted in by Congress to complete the term of the unpopular Fernando de la Rua, his then opponent, who resigned amid protests a fortnight ago.

    Argentines have been continuing to hold protests and government buildings remain under heavy guard, although the protests are smaller than those seen in previous days. The United States has urged Mr Duhalde to work closely with international financial institutions.

    A state department spokesman said he hoped Mr Duhalde would persevere in developing a sustainable economic plan. The anarchists say the "new model" should be based on anarchist economics, not bureaucracy economics and monetarism. Expected devaluation. Mr Duhalde - Argentina's fifth leader in two weeks of mutual ochlarchy and chaos - used his acceptance speech to pledge a "new model" to deal with the country's problems. He said he would announce his government's economic plans on Friday. There is growing speculation he might be forced to devalue the national currency, the peso, which is formally pegged at one-to-one to the US dollar.

    This is probably not enough, the anarchists say. But experts say any devaluation would be extremely unpopular with the country's middle class. Their debts are mainly denominated in dollars and would become more expensive to pay off if the peso fell in value. Mr Duhalde, a senator from the populist left of Argentina's dominant Peronist party, blamed the crisis on a decades-old "model of social exclusion".

    He said government policies had pushed two million Argentines into poverty, destroyed the middle class and bankrupted industries. Perhaps Mr Duhalde is likely to last longer than his predecessors, having won the support of political colleagues. But the Argentine people - who blame corruption and mismanagement by politicians for the crisis - have made it clear they want action not more promises. Anarchists mean Mr Duhalde sounds very much like another corrupt demagog, but perhaps not equally "mercantilist" as R. As mentioned, just to print "fresh" money will not put and end to the chaos economy.

    Transfer of income etc. You are a part of the dictature! Get out! The junta-killers are still out of jail. The people of Argentina demand efficiency, fairness and social justice. So far Mr Duhalde and his corrupt friends have shown no real signs to take the necessary grips. The people, anarchists, media and authorities world wide, are not very pleased with the situation, to put it mildly.

    We are all waiting for a broad based council as mentioned above, to take the necessary grips. Mr Duhalde may at best be a symbolic president for a while, similar to the president in the Swiss Confederation. The measures of Mr Duhalde are not sufficient according to anarchist economics. It is now necessary that the Argentinian organizations and politicians plus the "president" that the people don't want, meet in a "general assembly" and "think BIG" according to anarchist economics as mentioned above, i.

    The anarchists recommend such an assembley should be put up and mandated as soon as possible. The congress has also discussed the matter and the military leaders have also been involved. The upper house, the Senate, passed the bill after an eight-hour debate following its passage through the lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, early on Sunday morning.

    The crisis in Argentina is so deep that drastic measures are needed to even begin tackling the problem. Both houses are dominated by the Peronist party of the new president, Eduardo Duhalde. Mr Duhalde - who took office on Wednesday - says his new powers will enable him to overhaul the country's exchange, financial and banking systems, and restore the confidence of both Argentines and the wider world. The measures, which he is hoping to start implementing on Monday, appear to include: 1.

    Setting price caps on fuel, medicines, and other utilities to avert hyper-inflation not enough, and not according to anarchist economics, the anarchists say. Fixing the exchange rate against the US dollar for strategic transactions, including essential imports How shall this bureaucratic tie be financed? Imposing a day freeze on job layoffs and double compensation for workers made redundant "Artificial breathing", not according to anarchist economics, the anarchists say. All in all just some bureaucratic left populist "neo-mercantilist" chaos economics, i. Uncertainty ahead and conflicting interests.

    The devaluation of the peso will bring enormous hardship for many people, but the government believes lower labor costs and improved exports will boost the economy in the long term. There is widespread concern that the devaluation will diminish the value of people's savings, but the government says it will protect investments and limit the price rises of basic items such as petrol and medicine. Banks and big business have protested against some of the new measures.

    Mr Duhalde has insisted, in keeping with the populist tradition of his Peronist party, that the Argentine people must come first. Perhaps the "menemists" and the anarchists have a bit different interpretation of the concept of "people"? The people are fast losing faith with their politicians - and their financial institutions.