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Choose your Romance! Greatest Interactive Romance Stories. Find a story that captures your heart and decide who you want to fall in love with from a selection of 50 unique characters!


Sin with Me. Fall into a world of danger, pleasure, and vice with the Seven Deadly Sins. Discover your passionate romance lurking in the shadows. Queen of Thieves.

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Sweet Enchantments. When all your coworkers are magicians, it's not hard to fall under their spell Havenfall is for Lovers. Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! Find your Supernatural Soulmate in this mysterious and exciting story! Destiny takes you from your everyday life to a world of swords and sorcery!

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Now you must tie your fate to one of seven fantasy heroes. Lovestruck Shorts. Love Struck! It is a special episode that aired for Valentine's Day. Timmy attempts to charm and impress Trixie Tang so that she will be his Valentine. This ends in humiliating failure. Timmy wishes that all the girls should be removed.

The problem is: without love, Cupid, the god of love will have no power and shrivels. They watch a "military style parade" of heart shaped vehicles and cherub soldiers led by Cupid. Timmy wants Trixie to be his Valentine, but when he asks Cupid who his special someone is, Cupid shows him a vision that he chose Tootie , much to Timmy's shock and disappointment. After an explosive love arrow sends Timmy and his fairies back to his home, he vows to prove Cupid wrong.

At school, many of the students are pairing together including Elmer and a girl with a similar boil on her face , while Timmy searches for the right Valentine's gift for Trixie. Chester steps out from a locker and asks Timmy if he wanted to buy a beat up Valentine, but Timmy reminiscences what happened the last time Timmy tried to give Trixie a lame gift: he was quickly thrown off her property. Timmy screams as he remembers the moment he was launched in the air, while Chester slowly backs away from him. With Wanda's help in the form of song , he puts together a musical number for Trixie, complete with a full stage set and dancers.

However, Trixie rejects him yet again, and her catapult trap launches Timmy and his entire valentine act off her lawn once again. As Timmy frets that things could not get any more embarrassing for him, he looks up to see that every other girl in Dimmsdale witnessed his failure and was laughing at him. Tootie runs over to Timmy to stick up to him, declaring she loves him while giving him flowers, but this only causes the other girls to laugh at Timmy harder.

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He throws Tootie's gift at her, rudely shoves her away, and runs off away from her. A visibly upset Tootie gives chase. Timmy evades Tootie by hiding behind a tree. Wanda tells him that he should simply let Tootie be his valentine, but Timmy refuses and blames Wanda for his Valentine plans going wrong. He wishes all the girls away from Dimmsdale.

The city and less apparently, the entire planet is separated into " Himmsdale " and " Hersdale ". All of the girls around Timmy disappear, including a distraught Tootie, a haughty Trixie surrounded by valentines gifts, Mrs. Turner , Vicky , Principal Waxelplax , and all other female characters, disappear from Dimmsdale and reappear in an open field. Within a few minutes, the women turn their side of the world into a beautiful paradise resembling Ancient Greece or Rome. On the other side of the wall, all of the women-related stores have been replaced with burger joints, athletic stores, and other male-centric things.

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Timmy and his friends enjoy the life of being a guy in song. When the song is over, the separation of the two sexes is causing Cupid and his cherub troops to lose power. Their military style jets begin to fall from the sky. Even Cupid himself starts to shrivel up and become sicker and weaker from the "lack of love".

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As Cupid tries to figure out who is responsible for the mess on Earth, Timmy starts to notice that his father , Cosmo, and other men are upset because something is missing in their life. On the other side of the wall, the women are experiencing the same pain of being unable to "fill the void" that was left when their loved one was separated from them.