Krabat der Zauberer (German Edition)

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  2. - ASP - Zaubererbruder - Der Krabat-Liederzyklus (2CD Live & Extended) ()
  3. Meister Krabat der gute sorbische Zauberer
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  5. Mauff, Max 1987-

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Meister Krabat der gute sorbische Zauberer

App Description. Google Play "Krabat and the Secret of the Sorbian King" is a classic point-and-click adventure game about the famous Sorbian fairy-tale figure Krabat. Lusatia is suffering under the tyranny of Augustus' greedy squires. But unexpectedly an old Sorbian power is rattling at the door of the Saxon kingdom.

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Just the right time for new adventures, new friends and enemies. It's time for What's in store for you: - a whole new story about the Sorbian wizard Krabat - adventure scenes drawn by hand which take you to historic events and places such as Moritzburg Castle near Dresden, or to Bautzen, places that have never been shown and could be explored in a mobile, electronic game before - authentic Sorbian voice recordings and optional subtitles in English, German, Lower and Upper Sorbian as well as a fantastic soundtrack with new songs and new arrangements of Sorbian songs - the game has been optimized for mobile devices.

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Krabat: Die Schwarze Magie

Adventure Games Apr 22, 6 min read. Install Krabat. These year our annual wishes are being delivered by […]. On Saturday, december the 16nth at 3. We want to celebrate the advent time with singing, stories and poems. Apart of handicraft-equipment — tea, coffee and pastries shall be prepared. There might be a surprise awaiting the children. Sometimes bypath of an exhibition are quite interesting. Some of our visitors might have noticed the elegant and pleasant typeface, which is used in the exhibition and for the exhibition catalogue.

Some people tend to oversee that kind of aspect. But, can you believe that the font derives from the time of Johann von Schadowitz! On Saturday, november the 18th the magician Gerat Robel entertained children and adults in our audience hall for the family afternoon. By performing tricks galore he always managed to amaze his youngster audience.

Mauff, Max 1987-

At this appointement the museums restaurator, Mr. Barth will speak about the theme of Upper lusatian Houses as a regional speciality. Fee: 4,50 including entrance and coffee. This month a special donation from overseas arrived at the Sorbian Museum in Bautzen. The original bell was brought in from pioneers and was produced by the foundry Gruhl in Kleinwelka.