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She first graced our screens in and again in — like magpies we were instantly drawn to the bright colours and structural geometry that features throughout her work. And now she returns with her latest series, Built Work. As a creator of the anthropomorphic, LA-based visual artist Derek Paul Jack Boyle frequently turns to everyday objects for inspiration. As an avid collector of imagery since the age of 15, Rotterdam-based artist and illustrator Maaike Canne has a tremendous pool of inspiration to refer back to.

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I like almost all creative media and enjoy learning new things, but I lean towards illustration because I find it to be an easygoing art that can be made at any time and requires neither a specific space nor material. With an aim to break down the traditional structure of a magazine, the latest issue of Tunica is replete with experimental and interchangeable design. Photographer Josh Wilks first got his hands on a camera about four years ago as a Christmas present from his friend, renowned makeup artist Isamaya French.

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Playful, exuberant and immensely fantastical, his work eludes the representational and instead focuses heavily on cartoon-like silhouettes, psychedelic backdrops and an otherworldly mix of digital and analogue mediums — something that could quite frankly be derived from a dream. Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube. Advertising Animation Architecture Art. Illustration Interactive Miscellaneous Photography. Creative inspiration delivered direct to your inbox. Sign up to our newsletters. Daily Round-Up Weekly Edit. More like this:. Feeding all those mouths is a problem that will need the help of designers.

However, a valid contract must also have full disclosure, or it becomes null and void by way of misrepresentation. Failure by the State to make full disclosure of the terms and conditions means that technically there is no contract. Consideration on the part of the husband and wife is the actual fee paid and the implied agreement to be subject to the state's statutes, rules, and regulations and all court cases ruled on related to marriage law, family law, children, and property.

This contractual consideration by the bride and groom places them in a definite and defined-by-law position inferior and subject to the State. It is very important to realise that children born to the marriage are considered by law as "the fruits of the contract" meaning the children primarily belong to the State, even though the law never comes out and says it.

There have been Supreme Court cases, which state that parents have no property right in their children, and have custody of their children during good behavior at the sufferance of the State. This is because of the Birth Registration. This means that parents may raise their children and maintain custody of their children as long as they don't offend the State, but if they in some manner displease the State, the State can step in at any time and exercise its superior status and take custody and control of its children.

They can get car loans, home mortgages, and installment debts in the name of the marriage because it is not only an enterprise, but it is looked upon by the State as a privileged business enterprise as well as a for-profit business enterprise. The marriage contract acquires property through out its existence and over time, it is hoped, increases in value. If sometime later, the marriage fails, and a "divorce" results the contract continues in existence. The "divorce" is merely a contractual dissolution or amendment of the terms and conditions of the contract.

Jurisdiction of the State over the marriage, over the husband and wife, now separated, continues and continues over all aspects of the marriage, over marital property and over children brought into the marriage. That is why family law courts calls "divorce" dissolution of the marriage because the contract continues in operation but in amended or modified form. The marriage license contract is one of the strongest; most binding contractual relationships the State has on people.

I believe this is why the government believes it can do whatever it likes, such as the introduction of toxic chemicals such as fluoride into the water supply and recycling of wastewater back into the food chain. They will try to board your vessel whenever they can for monetary gain, pillage and plunder. They carry weapons and will take you by force if they see fit. There are countless cases of Police brutality in Australia and around the world, and the introduction of tasers here only adds more torture devices and the threat of physical harm to their arsenal. They are mainly here to force the policy of a private corporation upon you and punish you if you disobey them.

Sure there might be some honest cops out there and we do need them in their correct capacity as Peace Keepers and Public Servants to keep us safe from the real criminals. However this is not what most of them do. They have become the agents of the system, the Smiths of the Matrix, which oppose common law and natural rights. The agents follow the policy as if it were the words of a living being, and when we refer to the Government, we imagine it as a singular living entity, a real thing, simply because of the agents that work for it.

It has no life of it's own, no more than the words on this piece of paper, however if you have read " The Instant Millionaire ", you will know the power that words have upon us. It is fictional in substance as all corporations are dead. We refer to them as being "dead", because they are not real, they have no life or power of their own and are not living things.

They only exist on paper. I am not talking about the living beings that work for them. Digital is the realm of the machine world, silicone chips, ones and zeros, on and off, harsh square wave frequencies that have no harmonics and no ambiance, because they do not emanate from a natural source. It is computer language. Analogue is represented by the sine wave, smooth flowing, rhythmic, harmonic, energising frequencies.

This is why MP3's and other digital technology is being pushed upon us, to keep us "de-tuned" and out of sync with our natural senses and connection to the natural world. Avoid it at all costs as it disrupts all living systems and confines your reality. Can you see how much wonderful harmonious sound you are missing out on by listening to MP3's? They cut off the natural waveforms into steps. Have you ever seen ripples on a lake forming square wave formations? I didn't think so. This is the same process as the fictional corporate paper world.

It's just an illusion. Every company has a policy. Policy is not Law. McDonalds has a policy, however you don't often see Ronald McDonald asking you for ID or coming over to your house and telling you what to do. That's because you're probably not an employee of McDonalds, and so are not bound by their policy. However you are considered the property of and an employee slave of the Government by your own admission and consent.

The following is an email conversation with NSW Government Minister Pru Coward giving her opinion if there is any difference between one company and another company. Is there any essential basic difference between one company and another company? For example does one company have any more or less rights or privileges than another, and moreover, can a company compel someone, who is not an employee of that company to follow it's policy?

Anderson, These questions are about contractual relationships. If the company is selling someone, not an employee, a service or good then they may demand that a policy be followed before the good or service is provided.

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Companies as such do not have different rights, what they do have is different contractual obligations, which are supposed to be willingly entered into. If you gave me an example I might be able to help more. Pru Pru. Goward parliament. Dear Ms Goward, Thankyou for taking the time to reply. It seems that in order for a company to enforce it's policy upon people, they would need to be an employee, or as you suggest, otherwise contractually obligated. Best Wishes Thomas Anderson What you likely never taught until now is that you are in essence an incarnated soul living within the body of a man or woman, with natural inalienable rights.

These natural rights include being able to travel freely on the common ways of the land without license or registration, authorisation or permission. A restriction in that relation, designed to promote the public convenience in the interest of all, and not susceptible to abuses of discriminatory application, cannot be disregarded by the attempted exercise of some civil right which, in other circumstances, would be entitled to protection. One would not be justified in ignoring the familiar red light because this was thought to be a means of social protest.

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Nor could one, contrary to traffic regulations, insist upon a street meeting in the middle of Times Square at the rush hour as a form of freedom of speech or assembly. Governmental authorities have the duty and responsibility to keep their streets open and available for movement. A group of demonstrators could not insist upon the right to cordon off a street, or entrance to a public or private building, and allow no one to pass who did not agree to listen to their exhortations.

This world appears to be in the control of a few privileged bloodline families and groups that you and I have never personally met, who have claimed ownership over everything including you and 1. Therefore what we have is only an illusion of freedom, where everything we do is under the watchful eye of the Global Elite, also referred to as the Illuminati. The history of the law merchant in England is divided into three stages: the first prior to the time of Coke, when it was a special kind of law, as distinct from the common law and administered in special courts for a special class of the community i.

The second stage was one of transition, with the law merchant being administered in the common law courts, but as a body of customs to be proved as a fact in each individual case of doubt. The third stage, which has continued to the present day, dates from the presidency over the king's bench of Lord Mansfield depicted on the previous page , who forged it into the mercantile law of today. VESSELS The idea of a Vessel being a container for something else is a common term that is used in Admiralty, and there are many examples aside from the obvious description of a boat or ship upon the sea.

Your body is also such a vessel, a container for your spirit or soul, the life force that animates the flesh and blood. It also contains other vessels that your blood travels through, much in the same way the highways carry the life force of the commercial world.

It seems we are still controlled by a form of Piracy, as represented by the Jolly Roger, or Skull and Crossbones and seen here on the reverse side of this coin. There are so many words and phrases that have become common in their usage that have dual meanings such as Naval, Navel, Birth, Berth, Sole, Soul, Seamen, Semen and so on. It is an example of the machine world emulating the natural analogue world and forms part of what the Governments and Corporations refer to as their Policies.

General Thomas: Counterattack

The artificial digital world appears to mimic this, using terms such as charge, discharge, conduit, circuit court, solvency, etc. It all relates to the control and regulation of your physical life force or energy to animate the dead. The next time you see an ambulance racing to save someone, stop to consider for a moment that the patient listed on the chart is the person, in all caps. This might give you a clue as to why the government provides all these services such as Medicare, Social Security and public hospitals, not for your benefit, but to look after it's property.

Why do you think it's an offence not to wear a seatbelt or helmet? Because as the surety, you are putting their property at risk of injury or death, meaning the possible closure of the account, and loss of stock. Let's consider now the comparison between shipping and childbirth. Take for instance a pregnant woman, who is laden with her cargo.

She arrives at the dock ward where the vessel is to be unloaded, during delivery of the cargo, the item travels down the berth canal, it is received by the warden, the tether cord or connection to the parent is cut and the cargo is received and registered with and given a consignment number. If you have not chosen a name, the baby will be given a birth number as we have personally experienced. This is where the problem begins, as the unsuspecting parents, who probably married the state in the first place, and their newborn child are now enjoined with the government as its property or collateral.

This is merely the government purchasing a security interest in the child, and it's person. The birth certificate is the moment the Strawman is first created. Most of you had no idea when you signed that contract, or that license application, or the back of your visa card that you were enjoining with the Strawman all capital letter fiction, and becoming one with it. Of course many people have the same name, so what really sets one Straw person apart from another one is the creation date which obviously coincides with your birth date plus your birth certificate registration number and any subsequent reference numbers assigned to the person such as a tax file number or social security number.

Once in the system it is very difficult to get out. I recently visited a hospital that I had not been to in over 25 years. The nurse checked her computer and asked if I was still at the same address! Remember there is no money, so only your signature can create the value. The information on the Banks in these books also proves that to be true. Here is a statement from Medicare, which shows that the signature acts as the authorisation to debit the account and assign the funds.

To facilitate the payment of this account directly from Medicare we require your signature to assign the benefit to Clinpath. Please complete the following sections on the reverse side of this letter; 1. Your assistance in returning this completed documentation is greatly appreciated. There are really only four main choices you have in any given situation, which are: 1. Argument dishonour - this is the single most common cause of all problems today, and the reason that courts and lawyers make so much money.

Unless there is a controversy, or you give the court energy to move, it cannot step in, assume jurisdiction and tell you what to do. Full Acceptance honour - you accept full responsibility for your actions and will bear the consequence. Although honourable, it can be a dangerous place to be when it comes to the law and it's acts. Conditional Acceptance honour also known as "accepted for value" - which can be used to rebut presumptions and stay within honour in the legal sense. The goal is to remain out of the controversy, and out of court. For example, if I came up to you and said " hey that's a nice red shirt you have on" but it was really green and you say "but it's not red, it's green.

bart anderson taking a stand Manual

Applied correctly, this way of responding will keep you out of trouble, and if followed properly when you are writing reply's to lawyers, solicitors, debt collectors or government agencies, you will not be giving away any of your commercial energy, allowing them to move. You have not "enjoined" and therefore will not become the defendant. The only way that a Magistrate or Judge can assume jurisdiction over you in court, is to try to get you to "do" something he or she tells you to do. That might be appearing, answering a question, standing or giving your name.

A quick look at the four options above will tell you immediately where you are, and what the consequences will be if you answer incorrectly, or if you simply do what you are told. The assumption being is that if you automatically do what someone in an assumed position of authority tells you to do, they will assume control over you and in a court of law, this is deadly serious.

Of course, you cannot dishonour the court known as contempt by not answering, being silent or arguing, so you must always rebut the presumption. You may have already encountered silence from a government office or other agency when it comes to asking them questions that they don't want to answer. It's their way of telling you that you're correct in what you're saying, without admitting liability, which could be used to demonstrate an admission of guilt or fraud, or create a precedent.

Most people assume that they are the public, and that public property is theirs to use. Take for example public transport or a public park. Public is the realm of the person. A public servant is a servant of the system and the regulator of the persons or entities within it. It has nothing to do with the private world, which is where we want to exist, outside of the matrix, in the real world. One way to keep unwanted persons or entities out of your personal private property is with a "No Trespass" notice.

If there is no such notice outside your home then the assumption is that it is an open house, with no objection to visitors. In the back of the book I have included a sample notice that you can display at the entry to your home or front gate. This worked well for us in a recent situation where we needed to call the Police to deal with disruptive drunken neighbours.

When the Peace Keepers arrived and saw the sign, they did not enter our property, but rather called our mobile number and asked if we wanted to speak to them. I stated that I had no desire to enter into any controversy, merely that I was alerting them to a possible disturbance of the peace and thanked them for their courtesy. You have a right to protect your private property, and that includes your house, your car, your family and your body.

Now consider the terminology used when someone becomes disabled or is labelled an invalid pensioner. In-valid means no longer valid. They are telling us that they are no longer of any use as an instrument to create value. Instead, they become a ward of the state, dependant upon the system for survival. Dis-abled, means no longer able to perform to full capacity. Aboriginal means not-original, as in ab-normal. The same can be said of people on Social Security. All those who enjoined with their persons and are getting paid by the government keep wondering why the money is so low.

It is merely to keep people alive enough to extract whatever value they have as collateral, while at the same time buying a security interest in the person and keeping them poor, undereducated, undernourished and underdeveloped. It creates an easy to control, predictable lower class of dependants whose daily lives are primarily concerned with consumerism, distraction and breeding.

This is further supported by pharmaceutical and drug addiction, sports, alcohol and other types of escapism from the depression of never having enough. A bond is issued for each prisoner, and assigned a cusip number, which is an identifying number that allows securities to be tracked on the stock market in the same way that your mortgage is sold on the secondary market and securitised.

For those of you dealing with Banks I recommend you read Book 6, as it covers the securitisation process in great detail and will give you insight into this little known or understood part of the loan process. Again, this is one of the primary reasons you do not want to be the surety for the Strawman. This worked quite well, however I later discovered that an Agent and the Principal cannot be one and the same, so it made better sense to be the one with highest title and interest.

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Mister is supposed to be the lowest rank in Admiralty, with Sovereign being the highest, so that should tell you why the letters MR often preface the person, and perhaps why a male child, before they have given away authority, is called a MASTER. There is a consolidated push in the US at the moment to undermine anyone trying to claim their natural rights, whatever name they put on it. The following are some sections from the Police Powers Act relating to the control of the person. It is these invisible contracts such as boarding the Citizen-Ship that we become enslaved by our own application, registration and consent.

This information is to assist the good people out there to deal with the injustice, brute force and revenue collection of a system out of control, doing whatever it pleases. To the best of my knowledge, with any presentment, present or offer to contract, you generally have 72 hours to return their documents to them, accepted for value and consideration upon proof of claim. Consider for a moment this very wise biblical quote: "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.

And they marveled at him. Now if you believe in a god or not, that is none of my concern. I personally believe that the "all there is", the energy or life-force that creates everything, that may be labeled the Universe or God or whatever name you give it, is inherently part of us, and we are all part of it. There is no separation. The law of attraction states that we attract through thought and vibration all that comes into our lives, and I have personally experienced this to be true countless times, both good and bad.

Whatever you focus on, is what you attract, and however you feel, is predominantly what will come back to you to support that feeling. Therefore our world is co-created by us, by our conscious thoughts and unconscious feelings. The statement about Caesar is important, because within common law, the law of the land and original jurisdiction, it is a return to, or use of the laws laid down by God, as the highest authority. It is a rejection of man-made statute laws and a claim of your natural inalienable birthrights. I never fully comprehended this when I began, because I never believed in God or Religion, and when I was a teenager and had to attend court, I refused to swear on the Bible.

Little did I know I was rejecting my remedy under common law. But hold on a minute, isn't swearing wrong? I believe religion to be the cause of much of the world's problems today, as it is the opposite of spirituality. You see there is a hierarchy that goes something like this: God created man, man created government, government created states, states created laws and so on. In this system you can see that whatever is created cannot be superior to the creator, so the only way that government or their man made laws can have authority over you, is by your consent.

I also wonder why in the Bible, the term God is only used in the first one and a half pages of Genesis. After that, it is replaced with the term Lord God. The Government created the Strawman, which is why it claims authority over it. Your duty is to rebut the presumption that the legal fiction "person" they created is the same thing as you, the living life force or soul, within the body of a man or woman. The terms they will always use when referring to the person are Defendant and Debtor.

Remember you are the Principal Creditor, so you don't want to be seen "appearing" as the Defendant or Debtor. After all, the court is really just a Bank in disguise, and it's all about revenue. Re- Venue means to change places, or to change position just as Re-Source is the taking away or returning what is yours. As you can see by the opening statement below, it's only money they are interested in, not law, justice or truth.

In my experience, the primary goal of any government entity is to extract something from you to keep it alive, and to do that they ask you to PAY. Because you were born into a world without any lawful money in circulation, backed by anything of value, the government is essentially bankrupt.

The real value lies in the physical form of the person, citizen and resident that has enjoined and become a legal fiction. Chg No. Undertaking of Defendant I enter into this Undertaking as tc Bai! You could write under your signature " signed under duress and threat of harm, kidnap, rape, pillage and plunder". Unless of course they deny you that right, but it is also possible that they will simply keep you locked up.

When dealing with courts, lawyers, police and other authorities, it's important to stay in honour. That way you won't dishonour their presentment, offers or the court, which can lead to contempt. Here is a letter I prepared for someone who had been arrested for what amounted to a ridiculous claim and minor offence. He was taken to the station for processing, and given a notice to appear in court. The original Court Notice was taken back to the Registrar of the Court within 72 hours with this cover letter stapled to it.

Permission must be sought in all matters of Privity where mutuality of interest occurs. The Registrar of the Court should accept and stamp the documents, and you can ask for a copy for your records. If they won't make a copy for you, you can take them and make a copy, then bring the originals back and hand them in. This usually cancels out the hearing, as there is no joinder and no proof of claim.

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Remember it's just an allegation or hearsay and the burden of proof always lies with the Plaintiff. This can and does happen. I had one registrar scrawl a big line through my carefully prepared document, and say to me "you can't do that! The result was that it cancelled out the other courts presentment, and I never heard another thing. That was four years ago. You should always try to avoid arguments, controversy and claims or statements that could be taken as evidence. It is better to use a negative averment, as it places the burden of proof back on the plaintiff.

Again, it's not possible for me to write a custom reply or template that will suit every situation, and it depends on many variables. The important thing is to read between the lines, to see exactly what it is they are saying, and rebut that presumption. Most or all, keep it simple. I have seen Affidavits with 70 or more points, which is completely unnecessary and reduces your chance of it being read, accepted or understood, simply because people have short attention spans.

Effective use of words can be a powerful remedy against even the biggest commercial lawyers and solicitors. Remember they are just actors, hired to play a part. They have no first hand personal knowledge, and no subject matter jurisdiction. It is really just legal trespass.

A couple of years ago I had to defend myself against one of the largest commercial lawyers in town. I won the game of paper tennis simply because I stayed out of the controversy and out of court. You also need to do your own research to learn how to properly prepare documents for the court, if that is what you need to do, or if you run into a situation that demands that you attend, or if you are challenged by a lawyer or solicitor.

I recently came across this section from the Trans-Lex law research which is very revealing in regards to common misconceptions about silence and acceptance. Either this is incorrect, or what we have been taught about offers and acceptance by researchers in the US and Canada is untrue. Let's have a look at a hypothetical situation: Officer: "Can I see your license and registration please. Officer: "Not as yet, now can I see your license please" You: "Well if there's not a charge, am I free to go?

Officer: "Step out of the car please" You: "I'm sorry, is this a transaction of a securities exchange, because if it is, then you require my permission, and if it's not, then you won't be generating anything which gives me an obligation. How do you do, I'm Thomas. Officer: "That's better, now what's your last name? You can see what is happening here. The Officer is trying to get the name of a legal person to be able to write out a ticket for whatever offence or code or number you may have violated.

You wonder sometimes how it's possible to violate a number, but that's the insanity of Law. There are literally millions of laws and codes and statutes and acts, and how many of you out there know anything about them, or have ever read one, let alone comprehend it's meaning? That is Gods Law.

Even then, the Ten Commandments you think are the right ones, are not. You might like to research the original commandments to see the difference. There is no possible way for anyone to understand statute Law, so why bother trying? Under-stand does not mean comprehend; it means to place yourself in a legal position beneath the Magistrate or other assumed authority. This indicates that it is under Maritime Law and Admiralty Jurisdiction and as such is regulated, policed and taxed. This photograph was taken inside a train. It shows that a train is also considered a vehicle. A vehicle is really any commercial mode of transport.

Many people now have navigation to guide their vehicles just as the ancient mariners had maps and charts, but instead of stars to guide us, we have satellites. Depending on what type of person you are classified as child, pensioner, student, adult etc you will have to pay a different fee for the use of it, and will be required to display the corresponding concession card or ID that you have applied for. But what exactly is being trans-ported, or moved around?

In the case of a truck carrying goods, you could see it was the cargo, but in the case of a train or bus or family car, it is the persons on board. The Strawman and its commercial energy is being transferred from one port location to another port, along the established shipping routes or lines. Notice how a bus route or train line has the same naval terminology as the shipping lanes and trade routes. They have departure times and destinations. There are sea ports and air ports and most of you have port passes passports that allow you to take your Strawman or person to other countries.

You become the self-loading baggage in a securities or foreign exchange. It is incredible to see just how far the system will go to enforce its policy upon us and to keep us in fear by these displays of power. It is a legal activity that requires licences, rules, regulations, laws and permission from the government. Each vehicle is registered to the state and in essence owned by them. As with land it appears you only have a title and licence to use it. Otherwise why do they need to know where it is garaged? Without that endorsement or permission, the vehicle is useless, unless driven on private property.

You cannot put it into motion on a government road without that licence or registration because the state the artificial legal entity does not benefit from the energy flow that you, as the animator of dead things, supplies. It is also very concerned with possible risk to its other property, such as other persons and vehicles that it is extracting energy from.

The registration, insurance and licence are the means of regulating and covering any risk of commercial loss. You have to remember that all of this illusion of separateness is just that, an illusion. Now you understand why the policy enforcers can do whatever they like when you're on the road in your vehicle, and why they ask for your license, to get the persons name and enjoinder and why you can be fined for any breach of the transport act, or any other thing they can think of.

You'll notice that at this stage it's only an allegation, which means that it hasn't yet been proven. It's an offer that requires you to make a choice between silence, argument, acceptance or conditional acceptance. Let's take a look at some sections and definitions from the Motor Vehicles Act You can see that what you thought were common words are in fact inventions or alterations of the English Language to mean something else. Of course, all of this is very different to your inalienable rights to travel or journey on the common ways of the land, in peace, with due care and competency to do so, without licence, restriction, registration, or fear of harassment, kidnap, pillage and plunder.

The revealing statement about having at least five million dollars public liability insurance tells you straight away that it's all about protecting their persons, and nothing to do with law or justice. Some of us have taken the step out of the public and into the private realm by creating our own private plates and private registration or other displayed notice. What happens in these cases is that you will get a letter back, probably long after your requested response time pointing out laws such as the motor vehicles act, and drawing your attention to the rights of citizens and persons etc.

Of course, there is no rebuttal or denial of what you have asked, they simply sidestep the issue and go into voluntary dishonour, then claim no agreement or contract afterwards if you challenge them. You could say that the fiction government is primarily set up to control movement. It's like a spider sitting in a web, waiting patiently for a vibration to indicate a potential prey. Speaking of spiders and webs of deceit, it's not surprising what greets you at the entry to the Hague Court. Getting back to the issue of what is being transported, this should explain why laws such as wearing seatbelts and helmets are there, not for your protection, but for the protection of the Strawman.

Although I believe in freedom and the idealism of private transport, I do not currently recommend it. There is always an underlying fear of harassment, unlawful arrest and detainment, exposing yourself or your family to police brutality and possible kidnap, plus the fact that the public agents of the system who are not yet unplugged could see your car and report it, thinking they are being a responsible citizen without knowing the truth.

After one particularly nasty encounter with a very aggressive officer, who wanted to board our vessel, I decided to take a break until such time as I could guarantee our safety and hold the equivalent of diplomatic immunity over these policy en-forcers. Idealism does not justify placing your loved ones in danger.

Remember this is relatively new to everyone, and there are an awful lot of persons out there, so the assumption is that we are ALL persons under their control. Times are changing, and there is a huge shift in conscious taking place that will sort things out. For those of you who are unaware, you should know that the British Flag The Union Jack is in reality the Union of Jacob, and in fact 3 flags combined. Originally there were 12 tribes of Israel well 13 to be precise including the Tribe of Dan that later moved to Europe and became the Dan-ish in Danmark.

The Abrahamic Covenant - With his hands crossed, Jacob passed on the blessings of national greatness to Ephraim and Manasseh. This was not a blood covenant, hence the blue background. Genesis The Mosaic or Old Covenant - A blood covenant, broken by Israel, symbolised by the red cross broken in the centre. The covenant of Moses broken by Israel showed need of a saviour. Jeremiah 31 : George over the. Dragon established by the New Covenant. The blood of Christ shed on the cross shown by the red cross of St. Redemption of Israel and personal salvation now possible through the crucifixion of The Saviour.

Hebrews 13 : Note the cross of St. George predominating. The New Covenant brought blotting out of transgressions committed under Old Covenant, and made possible fulfilment of national promises given under two covenants. Jesus Christ, Redeemer of Israel; and Saviour of the world. Now with that in mind, and what we have been discussing in regard to vessels and Admiralty Law, consider this piece of text I came across by chance: "A vessel is a container, utensil, dish, article or thing. The Hebrew word for a vessel among others is receptacle; a container or space for placing or storing things.

In short, a vessel is made for the sole aim of containing or storing things. Every vessel is created by the intent of the maker. The Lord relates the whole tribe of Israel as vessel and Himself as the potter. There is much debate about what actual power this "Crown" has here in Australia, as we are supposed to be a sovereign nation, but the Police, Courts and other officials still swear an oath to the Queen.

You cannot be born there and you cannot travel upon it. It is merely the name of an artificial legal entity. This was confirmed to me over the phone by the Legal representative of it, Mr Adrian Deitz, whose name, law firm and contact details can be found in the relative documents on the US SEC website. This is what you will find by performing a company search. More importantly, do you think that it is able to do anything by itself?

Can you physically go there, be born on it or do anything on it? The answer of course is No. The only way that you can interface with it is through the use of the Strawman. If you require legal or other expert advice or assistance, you should seek the services of a competent professional person. To give us your comments send feedback to netsearch asic gov au.

Why we still permit this blatant slavery system to perpetuate is beyond my comprehension. Crown copyright All rights reserved Reproduction prohibited other than photocopying for the purpose of making a daim. December 1. Each of the states, territories, courts, police, schools and hospitals, are all legal entities.

Now you can see that your Strawman lives in a fictional world, not the real one. That time appears to be upon us. The global economy is finished, it cannot survive because it is based on fiction, the creation of paper money backed by nothing, and loans that are created out of thin air, is a system of banking that has come to an end. Here is Liberty Semiramis holding her illuminating torch with the world tossed aside, and also holding her iconic spear she was known as the spear-shaker. Do you see any common elements in these all images?

Now, everyone has heard about the Third Reich, but what about the first and second? The Second "Reich" was the Bavarian Illuminati. New York is also known as The Empire State. This book is not really about the NWO, but one cannot explore the hidden world without constantly bumping into all these skeletons hiding in the closet. These are all the listings of the comings and goings, registrations and de-registrations of the person fictions. Unfortunately there are circumstances when this is beyond our control due to available space and the size of some notices. This identification instrument is property of and may not bo confiscated, withheld, destroyed, invalidated, transferred, misrepresented, photocopied without consent, duplicated or otherwise used without prior express written consent by.

A fine of AUS This identification instrument renders any and al other previous forms of identification as nul and void by way of misrepresentation. No contract or agreement, express, implied or otherwise shall axis! This is an example of a lawful personal ID card that was created several years ago and needs re-wording to reflect the latest information and layout as per other documents in this book, but serves as an example for those who have programs such as Photoshop or similar text and image editing software and can use them.

There is no real step-by-step method to becoming a free man or woman, but what I can suggest is research and learn to take control of your Strawman by correcting your enjoinders and past contractual obligations, as best you can. If anyone asks you why, tell them that you have a trade mark that looks like your name, so if they can't print your real name, they need to add the letters TM to it. What I will be focusing on is the fraud and illusion as well as the propaganda associated with the collection of tax from the person.

The title informs anyone who considers themselves to be an individual that they are to be classified as a sole trader by the ATO and the Commonwealth of Australia. Since a living being is not an organisation or legal entity, then in this context, a person must be a corporation. Since a person in this context means a corporation, then an individual in this context is also a corporation.

None of these terms relate to natural living beings, only to artificial legal entities. SECTION 17 LEVY OF INCOME TAX 17 1 [Levied on taxable incomes of certain persons] "Subject to this Act, income tax at the rates declared by the Parliament is levied, and shall be paid, for the financial year that commenced on 1 July and for each succeeding financial year, upon the taxable income derived during the year of income by any person, whether a resident or a non-resident" h the term "person" includes an individual, a company and any other body of persons; TAX: A charge, especially a pecuniary burden which is imposed by authority.

Specifically : A charge or burden laid upon persons or property for the support of a government. LEVY: The act of levying or collecting by authority; as, the levy of troops, taxes, etc. The following document and report was entrusted to me for research purposes, and is reproduced here for your interest. Keep in mind what 1 said before about citizenship and hidden contracts.

This demonstrates however that there is much that we are not told about the contractual obligations and voluntary enslavement that goes on all the time.

‘An Intimate Epic of Irrational Need’

Usually this is free and includes: spoken and written advice. Could you please clarify the following? The living being that is filling out the form D. All of the above E. Gifford "? I believe these answers to be true and correct, and accept full responsibility for any information that is in any way false, misleading or fraudulent under oath of office if any.

Furthermore, the Author shall not be a party to any agreement, express, written, oral, implied, or otherwise if during the course of the visit to the ATO he is asked to state his name or by any other act, and he shall endeavour to make this known to anyone who asks for his name. The Author does not consent to the voice recording, capture of photographic likeness or video recording of his person at any time. Any and all questions asked by the Author that appear on this questionnaire will be deemed to have been asked, if there appears a circle or tick around or next to the appropriate answer.

In the event that any ATO agent, representative or employee will not answer these questions or upon answering refuses to verify their statements as true and correct to the best of their knowledge by their signature, it may be assumed that the person is either not qualified to provided that information or that the information given by that person is invalid or is in someway misleading, fraudulent or incorrect.

The Author, having taken as much care as possible to investigate this matter, cannot therefore be held responsible for any claim of TAX avoidance, or otherwise, as he has taken all reasonable steps to establish the facts. The Author claims that in the event that no relationship can be proven to exist between the ATO and the Author, any prior relationship must therefore have been fraudulent, and is void by way of misrepresentation and coercion and all signatures that may have been provided are hereby rescinded.

Chapter 2a" reads; "In finding the right meaning to give to an Act of Parliament, the reader must give close attention to the meaning of each word that is used. It promotes and supports legislation and laws made by the Government and Commonwealth of Australia. In or into a condition of subjection, subordination, or unconsciousness. Person: noun 1.

An individual human being. A human being or corporation recognised in law as having certain rights and obligations. Person; In the sense of an individual human being. People Persons : A human being natural person or a corporation artificial person regarded as having rights and duties under the law. Chambers Dictionary 9 th Edition Person: 1. A human being or a corporation recognised in law as having certain rights and obligations. Collins Australian Dictionary 5th Edition Person: 1.

A human being, whether a man, woman or child. Any human being or artificial body of people, having rights and duties before the law. Macquarie Dictionary 3 rd Edition 68 Note: None of the dictionaries referenced here describe an individual as a "sole trader". This is a fraudulent and misleading definition, which is not common to the English language. For a valid contract to be enforced, there are a number of basic rules, which must be followed: "A contract is any legally-enforceable promise or set of promises made by one party to another and, as such, reflects the policies represented by freedom of contract.

In the civil law, contracts are considered to be part of the general law of obligations. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Basic common law contract law addresses four sets of issues: 1.

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When and how is a contract formed? When may a party escape obligations of a contract such as a contract formed under duress or because of a misrepresentation? What is the meaning and effect to be given to the terms of a contract? What is the remedy to be given for breach of a contract? Hence, many rules of contract law pertain to interpretation of terms of a contract that are vague or ambiguous.

The parol evidence rule limits what things can be taken into account when trying to interpret a contract. Privity: In general, only parties to a contract may sue for the breach of a contract. The essential requirement is that there be evidence that the parties had each from an objective perspective engaged in conduct manifesting their assent, and a contract will be formed when the parties have met such a requirement. For a contract based on offer and acceptance to be enforced, the terms must be capable of determination in a way that it is clear that the parties assent was given to the same terms.

The terms, like the manifestation of assent itself, are determined objectively. Consideration: There must be consideration see also consideration under English law given by all the parties, meaning that every party is conferring a benefit on the other party or himself sustaining a recognizable detriment, such as a reduction of the party's alternative courses of action where the party would otherwise be free to act with respect to the subject matter without any limitation.

For example, animals, minor children, and mentally disabled individuals do not have the capacity to form a contract, and any contracts with them will be considered void or voidable. Although corporations are technically legal fictions, they are considered persons under the law, and thus fit to engage in contracts. For adults, most jurisdictions have statutes declaring that the capacity of parties to a contract is presumed, so that one resisting enforcement of a contract on grounds that a party lacked the capacity to be bound bears the burden of persuasion on the issue of capacity.

Proper Subject Matter: The contract must have a lawful purpose. A contract to commit murder in exchange for money will not be enforced by the courts. It is void ab initio, meaning "from the beginning. This can be distinct from consideration, which may be an initial inducement into the contract. An express contract is one in which the terms are expressed verbally, either orally or in writing.

An implied contract is one in which some of the terms are not expressed in words. An implied contract can either be implied in fact or implied in law. A contract which is implied in fact is one in which the circumstances imply that parties have reached an agreement even though they have not done so expressly. For example, by going to a doctor for a physical, a patient agrees that he will pay a air price for the service.

If he refuses to pay after being examined, he has breached a contract implied in fact. QUASI-CONTRACT A contract which is implied in law is also called a quasi-contract, because it is not in fact a contract; rather, it is a means for the courts to remedy situations in which one party would be unjustly enriched were he or she not required to compensate the other.

For example, an unconscious patient treated by a doctor at the scene of an accident has not agreed either expressly or by implication to pay the doctor for emergency services, but the patient would be unjustly enriched by the doctor's services were the patient not required to compensate the doctor. Most countries, for example, have statutes which deal directly with sale of goods, lease transactions etc. For example, most American states have adopted Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, which regulates contracts for the sale of goods. There are also many acts around the world which deal with specific types of transactions and businesses.

For example, the states of California and New York in the U. The Commonwealth of Australia retains copyright in all material on the site that is authored by the Commonwealth. Copyright in the material provided by other government and non-government bodies belongs to those bodies. The material contained on this web site is intended for your general use and information. You may display, download, print and reproduce this material in unaltered form only for your personal, non-commercial use or use within your organisation. You may distribute any copies of downloaded material in unaltered, complete form only.

Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act The maker owes the debt, but only the bank can refuse to pay. The Banker's Handbook states that "No bank is allowed to Dishonour an instrument ", therefore you must do a conditional acceptance. In a joint declaration at the weekend, the G7 — Britain, the US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada and France — called for urgent reforms of the inter- national financial system.

Mr Tremonti said a so-called set of legal stan- dards discussed in Rome would be presented at a meeting of. At the G7, the International Monetary Fund warned that a second wave of countries would fall victim to the economic crisis and face being bailed out. IMF managing director Dominique Strauss- Kahn said the rich world was in the midst of a deep recession, that in the next year a major economy could have to seek IMF support and that a second wave of countries would come knocking. While the G7 countries met, the European Union issued a red alert over the unprecedented collapse of industrial production, warning that member states were running out of money for rescue packages.

All the reports and current market research indicates that there is something sinister going on behind the scenes right now that we are not being told about, in relation to the financial collapse which is being carefully orchestrated by the world banking elite.